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I work on all kinds of boats and many of them are neglected and in pretty rough shape. I tried TrickShot and now use it to loosen stuck rusted bolts and nuts. It also does a great job lubricating and it lasts.

Rob P., Independent Service Technician, FL

We sell and service all types of recreational vehicles including boats. Our mechanics swear by TrickShot, they say it outperforms everything they have used before and really like the fact that it is non-flammable.

Anthony C., Service/Parts Manager, SC

As an environmental management and response company, it’s important for us to do the job right, and our mission is to “Make the Earth a Better Place.” TrickShot has become our cleaner of choice, and its biodegradability meets our expectations for environmental responsibility!

Sterling Ayers, Operations Manager of ECO-FIRST, INC.

I tend to be very careful about working with new products, but I tested TrickShot in our race shop last Fall, and I rely on its ability to eliminate rust, fight corrosion, and basically solve a number of handyman and clean-up tasks. We use it on our boats and trailers not only because it works, but also because it’s safe in the water! I look forward to a great partnership in 2012 and beyond!

Dana Tomes, President, Herd Racing and team Pilot

We are excited about working with BRL this season to promote TrickShot in the marine market. They are demonstrating a strong commitment to our industry through their sponsorship of Herd Racing and the TrickShot 360 race in Huntington this season, as well as supporting our environmental initiative - Operation Green Prop. Our races draw more than 800,000 fans annually, and these enthusiasts will appreciate their exceptional, environmentally-friendly product and its distinct packaging. We are proud to welcome TrickShot as The Official Lubricant of the Powerboat Superleague!

Sam and Sherron Winer, Powerboat Superleague partners

TrickShot is thicker than other products. It doesn’t run off, stays right where I spray it and does the job. When I heat up a bolt and spray on TrickShot, it doesn’t smoke and there’s no toxic chemical smell that other products have. I also use it to prevent parts from rusting so it’s easier next time the car comes in for service. I used to have a cabinet full of products that claim to loosen rusted bolts, but once I tried TrickShot, I got rid of all of them.

David G., ASE Master Mechanic, PA

I was taking off the original alternator from a 1995 Toyota Tercel. It was so rusted up I sprayed it once with TrickShot, let it sit a few minutes and it seeped through and loosened the bolts right up. It worked great and saved me time!

Redus B., owner, Auto Repair Shop, PA

Herd Racing Crew Chief
Jeramey Wentz using TrickShot

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BRL Solutions, Inc. is a Bio-based company focused strictly on providing high-quality, biodegradable, non-toxic products. All of the products produced by BRL Solutions Inc. will help in reducing our Carbon Footprint and at the same time provide superior quality products for our consumers.